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As soon as a faculty member thinks that they may submit a proposal or contract, they should send an e-mail to The note can be very short, summarizing the program to which they will be submitting along with a potential title, and possible collaborators, collaborating institutions, and Research and Education Centers. If this level of information is not available at the time the faculty member is considering submission, that is fine. The key is for faculty to communicate with the Sponsored Programs office as soon as possible with information that they may submit a grant proposal or contract. If the faculty member later decides not to submit the proposal or contract, that is fine. The objective is to get information into the system as soon as possible and open lines of communication.

A grant coordinator will be assigned to work with you, help develop your financial information, and shepherd the proposal through to submittal. If you are not contacted by a coordinator within two days of sending an e-mail, it is important that you follow-up to ensure a coordinator has been assigned. The coordinator will review the RFA in detail and establish a timeline so the proposal package is fully complete and ready for submission three business days prior to the sponsorís due date. This will allow ample time for review and dealing with any problems the system may be experiencing.

Based on proposal components, milestones with due dates will be established. Questions may be asked to establish milestones, for example, will the proposal contain a subcontract to another institution; will cost share be involved; will work take place on a Research and Education Center? Milestones with due dates will be established for each component. If a milestone date is not met, an e-mail will be generated to the faculty member, department head and department business manager. At that point, a plan will be developed among all those involved to bring the proposal/contract development back on timeline.

In the very rare instance where sponsor requirements stipulate that a proposal or contract is to be submitted by faculty, prior approval of the UTIA Sponsored Programs office is required. This is to protect faculty and the institution regarding contract terms. In the vast majority of cases, grant proposals and contracts must be submitted through the UTIA Sponsored Programs office. Pre-proposals that do not contain an itemized budget may be submitted directly to the sponsor by the faculty member. However, pre-proposals that have an itemized budget, have cost share requirements, where work will take place at a Research & Education Center, or that must be submitted through (or other similar electronic submission) must be submitted through the UTIA Sponsored Programs office.

All proposals, contracts with due dates, and required pre-proposals must be fully completed and ready for submission three business days prior to the sponsor's due date. No additional editing of the proposal or contract will take place after this time. Where electronic submission is required (such as the proposal will be submitted by the Sponsored Programs office at least one day before the actual sponsor due date. With new sponsor requirements of proposal receipt (not proposal submission) by the due date, this new procedure will ensure that the faculty member's proposal has been received by the sponsor before it is due.

Our objectives are to assist faculty in the proposal preparation and submission process and to increase our competitiveness in securing extramural funding. If there are questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. The Proposal Development Team is located in 224/225 Morgan Hall:

  • Cathy Creswell, 865-974-7362
  • Kathy Dalton, 865-974-7364
  • Dawn Hawkersmith, 865-974-6290
  • Courtney Holbert, 865-974-7390
  • Traci Stanley, 865-974-6292
  • Joan Webb, 865-974-7353
  • Rumira Xhaferaj, 865-974-7357