Three-business-day Deadline

We have a three (3)-business-day deadline for proposal documents to be delivered to UTIA Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), prior to the agency proposal deadline. This means that at least three (3) business days before the agency submission deadline, the proposal must have been approved by all units in Cayuse, have all final documents attached, and be ready for submission to agency. Proposals not received within the three (3) business day deadline will be marked in Cayuse as late and will receive limited to no review. In such cases, the PI will assume full responsibility for the failure of the proposal to be submitted by the deadline, for the proposal being returned without review by the sponsor, or for any delays in award setup stemming from the late proposal.

Clarification of Proposal Timeline

In order to provide the best service to you, as soon as possible, email with the funding opportunity for your proposal and include information such as list of collaborators, subcontracting institutions, and agency/sponsor guidelines. The earlier you notify OSP, the earlier a Proposal Coordinator can begin working with you. Remember, at UTIA, we provide more help, beginning at an earlier stage, than most sponsored programs offices.

Discuss the submission timeline with the Proposal Coordinator and adjust the submission date according to your situation, for example if you need to submit early due to travel or if your proposal includes subawards or multiple campuses. A proposal with subawards will require additional time, since the subaward budgets need to be final before you and the Proposal Coordinator can finalize your proposal budget.

It is imperative for the budget to be finalized early on, as it can affect the approval process. If your budget does not include the correct amount of F&A, includes multiple departments and/or RECs, or requires cost-share, additional review time is needed.

Submit the final version to the Coordinator at least three days prior to the agency deadline. This is especially important when your proposal needs to be submitted via (Cayuse 424), as it will allow the Coordinator to assemble the proposal package and address any validation errors that may arise.

The below timeline is a basic guide to help meet the 3-business-day proposal deadline. Any complicating factors will add time to process or steps, so let your Coordinator know those, as you tailor this timeline for your proposal.

Proposal Timeline

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