If you are a UTIA faculty or staff member planning to submit a proposal or talk with a company about funding for a project, as soon as you start planning, send an e-mail to To expedite our process, please include in the subject line “Upcoming Proposal” and include the following in the text of the e-mail:
  • Agency submitting to
  • Program and/or link to RFA
  • Deadline or due date
  • Other collaborators (including organizations/universities and other UT campuses) that may be involved
If available, please also forward any e-mail with instructions.

A grant coordinator will be assigned to work with you, help develop your budget, and shepherd the proposal through to submittal in Evisions Cayuse SP and to the agency. If you are not contacted by a coordinator within two days of sending an e-mail, please follow-up to ensure a coordinator has been assigned. The coordinator will review the RFA in detail and help establish a timeline so the proposal package is fully complete and ready for submission three business days prior to the sponsor’s due date. This will allow ample time for review and dealing with any problems.

Even if a proposal or contract is submitted by a faculty or staff member, prior approval of the UTIA Sponsored Programs office is required. This is to protect you as an employee and the institution.

Preliminary proposals or pre-applications must be submitted via and routed through Evisions Cayuse SP if it:
  • Must be submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs,
  • Requires an Authorized Official institutional signature,
  • Has a line item budget, or
  • Includes matching.
All proposals must be in final form and ready for submission to the agency three business days prior to the sponsor's due date. If the Office of Sponsored Programs will be submitting the application (such as through Fastlane,, or Cayuse-424), our goal is to submit the proposal at least one day before the actual sponsor due date.

Our office will facilitate technical editing of a proposal through an outside consultant. If you are interested in this service, please let your assigned Coordinator know to initiate the process. The editor chosen will have appropriate credentials and skills for the work being performed and will ensure the confidentiality of the investigator’s research.

UTIA faculty may supplement their UT salary through the UTIA Faculty Incentive Plan (FIP). Details of UTIA FIP depend on the faculty member’s unit of employment: FIP applications can be found on the Forms page.

See Standard UTIA Info.

Our objectives are to assist faculty in the proposal preparation and submission process and to increase our competitiveness in securing extramural funding. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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